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Human Resources Notice Regarding HR Policies & Guidelines. Many of the University's HR Policies and Guidelines are currently under review. After consultation with key.

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MSCA Union | Massachusetts State College Association Messages to Membership Informational Picketing – Westfield State University, October 31st October 23, 2017 MSCA Members and Supporters, The MSCA and the Association.

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Shaun White Legal Complaint | Damages | Intentional. Zawaideh v. Shaun White Enterprises, Inc., et al. by Deadspin in Orphan Interests > Defendant

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Appointment and Promotion | Council of Scientific. While carrying on the process of selection no relaxation in respect of prescribed qualification/experience should be extended in the case of such close relatives.

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Professors in the United States - Wikipedia After several years at the rank of assistant professor, individuals are considered for a promotion and tenure. Tenure generally constitutes a lifetime employment.

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Collective Bargaining Agreement (Contract) 2014-2017. Click here to see Contract Appendices A through H (including Memoranda of Understanding) * Click here to read the April 2016 Salary Settlement (Contains new language.

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Rex Tillerson Just Got Fired From The State Department. Rex Tillerson Just Got Fired From The State Department After A Troubled Tenure. Trump announced Tuesday he plans to replace Tillerson with current CIA Director Mike.

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American Catholic Philosophical Association - Employment. Two Assistant Professor, Tenure Track Positions / Baylor University. Baylor University . Baylor University is a private Christian university and a nationally ranked.

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AFSCME Council 5 Locals honored for hard work and relationship building The Jerry Wurf Organizing Award winners show the power of one-on-one conversations and persistence.